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The advertised apartment is part of a Villa located in the “Orosei Gulf” (named the most beautiful gulf in the Mediterranean Sea by the founder of WWF Italy, Fulco Pratesi).
If you fancy an organized boat trip to visit the Gulf and all its famous beaches (Cala Luna Cala Fuili Cala Goloritze Cala Mariolu), just drive to the  small port of Orosei (about 8 miles to the jetty) where boats depart daily.
The resort Calaliberotto is in the municipality of Orosei, the main village being 6 miles to the south.
FUILEMARE beach (175 yards walk)
Enchanting beach of pure white sand, gently sloping, with crystal clear water, in a protected cove within the gulf;
Never overcrowded, not being run by a hotel. Perfect if you prefer the sound of the waves to loudspeakers and organized entertainment.
The natural beach, surrounded by the green Mediterranean shrubland and pine trees, is crossed by a small seasonal stream in the winter months.
Fuilemare lets you enjoy the sun from dawn to sunset, as there are no hills to the west blocking the evening sun like in most other beaches in the gulf.
Two small restaurants, two bars, a newsagent, a grocery store, a coach stop (for servicese to Olbia and central Sardinia) are within walking distance.
Within two miles you can reach all other services such as supermarkets, local cheese shops, Pizzerias, Rotisserie, Butcher, Fishmonger, Restaurants, Bicycle and Moped hire, boat hire, local artisan products sale, Bars, Hairdresser, Doctors, Police, church, Cash machine, there is a local produce market on Saturdays.
Less than 3 miles drive north along the coastal road is the entrance to the protected wildlife area  “BIDEROSA”. This area covers 5 beaches (managed by the forest authority, with a limited number of visitors). Tranquillity is the main feature of the 5 enchanting beaches.
The pearl grey sand is of the finest kind, the turquoise and blue water is crystal clear. In the shallow water you’ll enjoy a bemusing light show of reflections that you won’t see elsewhere.
The surrounding Mediterranean shrubland and a number of streams that depending on the season will be dry, or flowing into the sea, makes an interesting walk through the Maquis.
I had this built in the 60’s and it was always well kept and refurnished over the years.
The villa rests on a small hill 175 yards from the FUILEMARE beach where as a young man I would come harpoon fishing here, free diving. The fun was not much for the fish that was plenty and easy to catch, but for the marvels you’d discover snorkelling around (there are still the remains of a roman shipwreck) that wonderful seabed.
This is still today rich of surprises, explore it yourself with a snorkelling kit!
The smaller  beaches of SAS LINAS SICCAS are 7 and 10 minutes walk to the north. These are also of pure white sand, gently sloping, with crystal clear water,
Never overcrowded, with a small snack bar just across the pine trees, ideal for lunch or a refreshing drink if it feels to hot at the beach.
The Villa is surrounded by a large garden and fruit orchard, refreshed by a gentle breeze even in the hottest days, in the shadow of mediterranean mastic trees, wild olive, oak, carob and cork trees, with a green lawn and hydrangea, roses, mimosas and more than 450 pots with succulent plants.
The aroma of rosemary and myrtle will help you relax. The moon, that raises from the sea will keep you company in the balmy evenings.
Share outside facilities include private car park, heated outside shower, washing machine and washing line, barbeque area with dining tables and chairs, chill out areas with benches and hammocks.
Mains and private water supply means no water shortage even in the dry summer months.
Free Wireless Internet available (WiFi)
We have a number of working bicycles, ask if you want to borrow, will make it available for your cycle to the beach or anything else you have in mind. Do you fancy sailing? We have a Hobie 15
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